Additional uses for an autonomous drone

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3 additional uses for an autonomous drone

Nando autonomous drones can only be used for security purposes? Think again! Our autonomous drones are programmed with advanced functions that can be utilized in several industries for a wide array of uses:

  1. Save money on your clean energy farm

Do you own a solar / wind farm? Do you want to make sure that your energy farm is operating at full capacity, detect the source of problems at minimal costs, and save tons of money by boosting productivity and reducing the cost of human workers?

Increase your revenue with the help of our autonomous drones. With their advanced AI capabilities, our security drone will help you monitor your energy farm and find irregularities, dirt, and other problems in real-time. 

  1. Boost agricultural output with an autonomous drone

Are you a farmer? Check out these futuristic uses for an autonomous drone:

  • Problem detection

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Is a part of your field suffering from over-watering? Under-watering? Harmful insects? You might find it out only when it’s too late! Use Nando’s smart drones to find irregularities and other problems such as overexposure to sun, sickness, dryness, etc. 

  • Issue solving

Your autonomous drone detected a problem? Great, Time for it to fix it. With our smart autonomous drones, watering and spraying insects with pesticides is now easier than ever!

  • Get full report

Easily connect to your autonomous drone and get a good feeling of what’s happening in your field.

  1. Protect your firefighters

Drones are great firefighters! They don’t feel pain, don’t get tired, are not earthbound like humans, and provide a safe, quick and superior firefighting service. Autonomous drones significantly reduce the risk to human firefighters while displaying great firefighting capabilities. Firefighting drones can quickly and easily reach high altitudes and help put out fires from hard-to-reach areas much faster and in a fraction of the cost of helicopters.

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