Drone charging station

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Drone charging station – why is it so important?

A drone charging station is so much more than just a charging station. It’s your drones’ home, where it comes when it’s hungry for more energy and thirsty to share its daily experiences. It’s where your security drone rests to recharge between flights and where it shelters in times of bad weather. a true technological fortress.

2X battery performance

A regular drone battery can last through 100 full recharges, each allowing about 70 minutes of flight. But Nando drones can 2X and even 10X their flying time using the smart battery-saving AI-powered battery charging technology.

Nando drones use two kinds of charging: quick charging for emergencies, and slow charging to prepare them for their next mission. Alternating between these two charging modes, directed by AI technology that monitors the drone battery and adjusts charging accordingly, helps increase battery life

Protection from bad weather

Drones can handle wind and rain, but spending long periods of time in heavy rain or getting hit by a lightning bolt is too much even for the most robust drone. The drone charging station comes equipped with a special waterproof cover and climate control to provide your drone with the optimal condition to prevent damage and increase longevity.

The drone charging station information center

In addition to its role in charging and preserving the drone, the drone charging station provides an uploading station for recorded information. After every flight, the drone uploads all the information it gathered during its flight onto the drone charging system information center and clears its own memory, allowing it to start fresh. the drone charging station then uploads all the information onto the main server where the operator can access it easily and quickly from his phone, tablet, or computer.

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Drone charging station
Drone charging station

Drone charging station – why is it so important? A drone charging station is so much more than just a charging station.




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