Drone in a box

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Drone in a box – What is mean?

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According to Wikipedia, a “drone in a box is an emerging form of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology that uses drones that deploy from and return to self-contained landing “boxes”.”

In comparison to traditional drones, a drone in a box doesn’t need any ground-based controller to manually direct and connect it to a computer for upload & charge. The deployment, operation, and landing are all done autonomously from and to “the box”. “The box”, in short, is a launching pad, a landing pad, an information uploading device, and a charging station – all in one. 

What are the benefits of a Drone in a box?

The underlying technology behind a Drone in a box is considered by many to be one of the greatest leaps in modern-day security system technology. It is the finishing stone that utilizes the fast-paced advancements made in AI and autonomy to receive three benefits that overshadow any human performance in three main fields: precision, security, and cost-effectiveness

Precision – zero mistakes

Our Drone in a box is trained by AI to quickly detect an invasion into your private property. It cannot be fooled by darkness, fog, or false security ID. if someone is somewhere he shouldn’t be – the drone will detect him immediately and alert a dispatch team while keeping on its tail and filming the entire encounter in HD cameras.


A drone in a box is the perfect security guard. It never tires or misses a movement and has a full view of the premise from the air -l without human operators. 

Minimal effort and time on your side – maximum security guarantee on our side.


Are machines taking over human jobs? Yes, they are. Is that sad? Depends on who you ask. A drone in a box doesn’t require a monthly salary, doesn’t get tired or hungry, and is fully capable of making smart decisions without further “nudging”. Security drones provide a cost-effective alternative to human guards and are the best friends of business owners looking to cut costs and be more efficient.

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