Drone patrol system

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Drone patrol system- how does it work?

Most chief security officers have vast experience in arranging and coordinating shifts and standards for human security guards. Seldom do they have much experience operating a fully-autonomous hands-off drone patrol system. Despite that, from our experience, it seems that adopting a drone patrol into the companies’ security apparatus is on the whole a positive and easy experience for those in charge of the system.

Drone patrol system – autonomous, smart and effective 

A drone patrol system is a smart drone with advanced AI capabilities, a camera, heat sensors, and communication technologies allowing it to receive and transmit data in real-time. 

The drone system can easily plan and execute “shifts”, including launching and landing, planning charging time, coordinating input information, and providing full coverage of a predetermined premise. 

Smart coordination, fast results

Drone patrol systems create full coverage and enhance the security standard of your premises.

Whether you’re responsible for the security of a factory, a power-plant, or stored valuable equipment – a drone system will provide you with the highest level of security at an affordable price.

thermal sensors for optimal results

Heat-seeking sensors allow our drone patrol system to avoid obstacles and detect humans in all lighting conditions. Once detected, our patrol drone can follow humans around even when hidden from sight. simultaneously, the drone patrol sends a signal to its handler in order to alert him to the intruder.

get your own drone patrol system

Drone security systems offer a technologically superior and ingenious security solution to business owners. Keep your facilities impenetrable with your very own drone system.  

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