Drone security service – Advance security system

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 Drone security service – Advance security system

Many say that drones are the most successful fulfillment of the robot dream. While the robots on the ground are clumsy devices that are not reminiscent of science fiction fantasies, those that float elegantly and fly to places beyond our reach manage to spark our imagination. 

the Nando drone security service

Our drone security service can, at the push of an activation button, start a fully autonomous cycle of launching, surveilling, tracking suspects, alerting, reporting, landing, recharging, and launching again – without human intervention. The drone has truly materialized into a technology that gives us a unique vantage point, or, as the science-fiction novelist Lev Grossman describes drones ever so eloquently in his Times Magazine article:

A drone isn’t just a tool; when you use it you see and act through it — you inhabit it. It expands the reach of your body and senses in much the same way that the Internet expands your mind. The Net extends our virtual presence; drones extend our physical presence. They are, along with smartphones and 3-D printing, one of a handful of genuinely transformative technologies to emerge in the past 10 years.

get full security 

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Imagine the most agile robot at your service: faster than any vehicle, providing better coverage than static cameras, more intelligent than any human, powered by AI & heat detectors, and fully operational at a moment’s notice.

Nando drone security service provides you with all of that – and more. Our end-to-end drone security service helps you create a fully functional, fully autonomous security apparatus that redefines what security is all about.

with the Nando fleet of security drones, you too can reach the next step in the evolution of security standards. contact us for more information >

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