Security drones for sale

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Security drones for sale – Get yourself an eye in the sky

The advent of AI and autonomy has brought us the next leap in the evolution of security systems: a fully autonomous, first of its kind security drone for sale. Continue reading for more details.

Nando security drones for sale – full stats

Day & night vision visual systems

Every Nando security drone for sale comes equipped with two visual systems: a regular camera for daytime security, and a thermal imager for night vision. The visual system is connected to real-time onboard image identification capable of real-time, on the move image processing and pattern recognition in order to detect intruders and alert the handler in real-time.  

Smart docking “drone in a box” station

Every Nando drone comes fully equipped with a launching, landing, and charging station – i.e. “the box”. The drone has full autonomous capabilities and can monitor its own battery levels, self – charge when the battery runs down and self launch when the battery is full again.

Communication system app

When you buy one of our security drones for sale, it comes as part of a much bigger, robust software system. The smart software allows you to easily communicate with your security drones in real-time via a smart app.

What to look for in security drones for sale

When looking for security drones for sale you must look at the full list of features and capabilities. A good security drone is fully autonomous and self-charging. In addition, it must have good visualization, live-streaming capabilities, a functioning real-time alert system, AI-powered pattern recognition, and a user-friendly interface.

Security drones for sale, fully equipped with AI capabilities

We will provide you with the best security drones equipped with advanced AI capabilities and advanced visualization to enhance the security of your premises.

Get real-time images from your security drones and enjoy the full autonomous function of your security drone system.

The enhanced security features of the Nando security drone system allow you to enjoy the peace of mind you always craved and a significant reduction in your cost basis, for enhanced security.


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