Three ways in which drone capabilities are set to grow

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In security applications, the area of the secured site need to be monitored constantly, requiring sturdiness, as well as all-weather and nighttime capabilities. As operational time for security applications needs to be long in order to ensure continual surveillance, drones need higher-capacity, lighter batteries. In certain circumstances, batteries and electronic motors might be unsuitable for the tasks required  and may be replaced by fuel-burning engines enabling longer flights. To further overcome battery capacity issues, new concepts are being developed, such as wired drones connected by cable to an additional source of energy, which can be attached high above the ground to minimize the chance of breaking the connection.

Monitoring lines and sites Because different parts of the security industry have differing requirements, we distinguish between two types of approach: monitoring lines and monitoring sites. In line monitoring, fixed-wing drones are used to perform highway, coastal and border surveillance. They can watch for cases of illegal border crossing, smuggling or wild animal traffic. In terms of monitoring sites, multi-rotors are used more frequently, as they provide higher maneuverability and can hover more easily. drones can provide live streaming of detailed data, follow objects or intruders from a safe distance and quickly cover a large area, but also record images that can identify whether part of a forest or a slag heap is missing.


Thanks to machine learning software, drones will not only recognize unauthorized entry to a site, but also identify precisely who the intruder is, thanks to motion sensing and biometrics-based behavior analysis, as well as facial recognition. drones will create systems enabling mass surveillance, where potential threats can be identified, and data is immediately transmitted to response teams. In addition to commercial use, drones could also be used in the future of personal security to perform autonomous sentinel duty. In general we can expect drone security applications to further develop into a full portfolio; however, some aspects, such as the ability to fly beyond the visual line of sight, need to be clearly regulated.

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