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Site security

In order to maintain safe, efficient, operations at large industrial facilities, operators must constantly be aware of on-site activity, equipment, and ongoing processes. That is why most industrial and other sensitive facilities employ security firms to secure the premises from sabotage, theft and unwanted intrusions.

Such security firms have long been supported by advanced electronics, sensors, and Cameras. However, the operation and supervision of this technology still required a large input of manpower and technology, like the ubiquitous guard patrol, remained bound to the ground with all that entails in terms of field of vision.

No more.

Nando autonomous drone-based platform turns the archaic model of site security upside down. Instead of guards making the rounds and patrolling a perimeter to detect intrusions into the secured site, with a response team on call , our eye in the sky hovers above your site for up to 70 minutes at a time, capable of detecting both movement and the human form at a range of up to 250 meters. Given the superior field of vision of a drone together with exceptional flight time means that a single eye in the sky is capable of replacing perimeter patrol – and for a fraction of the cost. 

Our drones are coupled to another unique Israeli innovation – the camera. Utilizing advanced AI technology, an ANN (artificial neural network) algorithm enables the camera to perform deep learning. The camera has both night and day time capabilities and is capable of real-time onboard image processing and identification, while the drone is in flight. When real-time identification of an object occurs, the control system transmits a warning to the management system which is capable of tracking the identified object. The system then alerts the control center which in turn chooses to alert the mobile response team or not, with real-time imaging of the intrusion.

Nando’s platform is clearly a far more comprehensive and useful drone solution than standard drone options. It was designed not only with the security needs of high-end industrial sites such as solar farms, Cannabis fields, Car lots, gas drilling sites, and factories in mind but also for other non-security applications, such as monitoring capabilities for various parameters in mines and agricultural fields.

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Full site security package

By cooperating with “Moked Matara” security group, Nando works to provide comprehensive security coverage to any site for all stages of the transition to drone-based security. “Moked Matara” has 20 years of experience in leading security solutions and consulting firms.

This includes:

    • Consultation on your entire security layout, taking into account the capabilities of the Nando autonomous platform.
    • Docking station installation.
    • Programming drone variable patrol patterns and object recognition parameters specific to your site.
    • Optimizing the interface between the human, stationary cameras and drone components of your security system.
    • Providing additional training as required.
    • Providing your mobile response team and control center interface with the unique capabilities of the Nando autonomous platform.
    • Full Integration with existing security measures.
    • Long term periodic maintenance according to your needs.
    • Make adjustments to the platform according to your country flight regulation.


Nando Autonomous platform installation

For those interested in a less comprehensive plan, we will gladly install the Nando autonomous platform on the site of your choice. Nando will continue to provide maintenance, instruction, and programming services should they be required following installation on a case by case basis, or within the framework of a predefined maintenance coverage package.

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Commercial services

The Nando autonomous drone-based platform can also be used for non-security applications including but not limited to solar farms, agricultural and mining applications. These can be added to the security service package or purchased separately, according to your requirements and preference.

Mining and quarrying operations

In addition to supplementing the security of mining operations, Nando’s autonomous platform can gather data with added economic value and applications. For example:

    • Enhancing and shortening pre-operational land surveys.
    • Advanced image processing can provide another measurement of the amount of ore removed from the mine.
    • Daily patrols over the site of the mining operation enable close surveying of changes to the local topography and progress of the operations in order to, for example, ensure compliance with local environmental and other regulations.
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Additional uses for an autonomous drone

The drone can be affixed with moisture scanners just as easily as thermal cameras. These can be used, together with image processing of vegetation greenness to monitor changes 

to agricultural microenvironments, identify those fields that require greater irrigation, identify plant blights before they spread, and provide the customer with a monthly, weekly and/or daily analysis output.

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Solar panels efficiency inspection

Drone security system 

Using the thermal imaging and AI capabilities of the system you can inspect the efficiency of your solar panels from above.

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