the docking station

The component which transforms the drone into a truly autonomous platform is the docking and charging station. This station is the fruit of comprehensive research and efforts to achieve the winning formula that would render human intervention in the flight cycle unnecessary. An image analysis based autonomous landing system is embedded inside the station to ensure a safe landing of the drone after every mission. The station does more than the docking and charging the drone between missions – it’s the home that shelters the drone from every bad weather and harsh environmental conditions. The station is equipped with a temperature control unit that extends the lifespan of all the components. Dim – 1.65 x 2.4 x 2.3 meters.



Using lightweight Composite materials, engineering breakthroughs, and advanced motor design to create a drone capable of 70-minute flight time and a range of 5 kilometers radius (78,500 dunams). Our drone has been utilized in Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Force, law enforcement, search and rescue, border patrol, natural disasters assessment, ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance), target acquisition & reconnaissance, border and coastal protection, homeland security, and commercial applications. 



The Camera Utilizing advanced AI technology, an ANN (artificial neural network) algorithm enables the camera to perform deep learning. The camera has both night and day time capabilities and is capable of real-time onboard image processing and identification, while the drone is in flight.


Dual camera- Thermal & Vis

Axis Gimbal – 3 axis

IP rating – IP44

Analytics Capabilities – Based on AI Algorithms, Real-Time, On-Board

Auto Detection Capabilities – Human & Vehicles

Identification Rate ( Thermal & Day)-

  • 96%- Up to 100m
  • 95%- Up to 180m
  • 92%- Up to 250m
  • 90%- Up to 300m

Thermal Sensor:

Uncooled microbolometer

Optional lens-

  • 8.5mm lens (65° x 51°)
  • 19mm lens (31° x 24°)
  • 35mm lens (17° x 13°)

Array format – 640X480

Thermal Zoom – X4 (Digital)

Vis Sensor:

Optional lens-

  • 5.4mm lens (46°x35° – 11°x8°)
  • 7.2mm lens (35°x26° – 9°x6°)
  • 12mm lens (21°x16° – 5°x3°)
  • 25mm lens (10°x7° – 2°x1°)

Array format – 1024×768

Zoom – X4 (Optical)

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The software control

Our control software – allows the user to manage all the tasks in a clean and simple UI. Displaying all the relevant information about the drone, the mission, the weather, and any detections made. When real-time identification of an object occurs, the control system transmits a warning to the management system which is capable of tracking the identified object. The system then alerts the control center which in turn chooses to alert the mobile response team or not, with real-time imaging of the intrusion.





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